【yabo手机版登录】If you struggle to spend more than a few moments away from your computer then a new invention could be for you.如果你离开了电脑一会儿就深感纠葛,那么这款新发明对你很适合。Thats because a pair of Dutch inventors have developed a set of jeans that give a whole new meaning to the phrase laptop.近日,两位荷兰发明者近期发明者了一款计算机牛仔裤,给膝上型轻巧电脑一词彰显了新的意义。The jeans, known as Beauty and the Geek, come with a fully functional keyboard, mouse and speakers integrated into the upper leg of the fabric and are the idea of design company Nieuwe Heren, run by Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit.这款牛仔裤取名为美女和极客,具有全功能键盘、鼠标和内置扬声器,加装在牛仔裤大腿部位的布料上,由Nieuwe Heren公司设计。

该公司由艾瑞克德奈斯和蒂姆施密特经营。The duo handmade the trousers themselves and they are designed to give a user ease of movement while still being in control of the computer.两人联合手工制作了这条牛仔裤,设计想法是为了让用户在掌控电脑操作的同时还能权利活动。Theyre not that heavy, de Nijs told WebProNews. With the flexible keyboard, small speakers, and small mouse, they are only a little bit heavier than your regular jeans.德奈斯告诉他WebProNews:牛仔裤并不轻,键盘灵活性柔软,扬声器和鼠标个头都较小,就比普通牛仔裤轻了一点儿。


He added: The idea was that you could log in to your computer and control it without sitting in a closed environment behind your desk.他补足说道:创新之处在于,你不必躺在桌子后面的狭小空间里,就能操作电脑。The jyabo手机版登录eans are of a modern style and have a back pocket that has been specially designed to cover the mouse, which uses an elastic wire to stay attached.牛仔裤的设计很时尚,有后鸣,专门用来敲鼠标,用于有弹性的鼠标线来相连。

They stay connected to the laptop via wireless technology in a USB device and are expected to retail at around 250 – if they ever make it onto the market.只需在电脑挂上一个USB,键盘和鼠标就能通过无线技术和电脑连接,如果需要上市发售的话,预计售价大约为250欧元。De Nijs added: The whole project is too complex and we dont have enough money right now to get it ready for the market.德奈斯补足说道:整个项目过于简单了,我们现在还没充足的钱生产出售。【yabo手机版登录】。